Friday, November 4, 2011

Marquez Steals the Limelight Hiring a Controversial Strength Coach

Marquez managed to pull the spotlight from Pacquiao as he made a statement of hiring a controversial strength coach that was allegedly linked to performance enhancing drugs. Marquez also stated that he is ready for any Olympic style blood testing and doesn’t mind if it’s done in random.

Marquez was pretty hard to decipher during his last press conference as he could either be bluffing or serious about what he told to the media. He’s tone was exasperated as he answers question after another about how he met Angel Hernandez and what he knows about his past.

Even though he tried to elude question with regards about the controversy stirring up in the press room, media men won’t easily give up as they keep on asking him question with regards to Angel Heredia. Among the questions asks implies the changing of names of his coach and also the BALCO case that disqualified sprinter Jones and Montgomery. After two years of silence, Manny Pacquiao later admitted that he will accept Olympic-style testing even if his promoter Bob Arum denies the legibility of the said test. 

Marquez is still confident enough that he could still beat Pacquiao ending all doubts of the last previous fight. Having been knocked down three times during their first encounter way back in 2004, Marquez is in high hopes that he can outperform way better than ever before.

In other news, Arum and Roach boasted that the key in defeating Marquez might come from an unexpected right hand punch. Since their last meeting both fights ended up with Pacquiao scoring the card mostly with his left hand. This time around Roach said that Pacquiao will be using both of his hands to defeat Marquez. With only days of preparation for their upcoming fight, Pacquiao vs Marquez will once again attract huge crowds from all parts of the globe.

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