Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pacquiao Stays Strong as Heavy Favorite

With just a matter of weeks before Pacquiao’s debut bout on Marquez, he still stands strong as the crowds favorite. Despite all of the hype created by Marquez with him growing muscles from their previous encounter last 2008, Pacquiao is stacked with an 8-1 odds of winning the fight.

Videos circulated in the internet show Marquez being bulked up with a set of new muscles. Even with the video circulating online Pacquiao remains a heavy favorite since Pacquiao has grown even stronger than he was when they first met way back in 2004. Their first fight ended with a draw with Marquez’s side stating that he was robbed, but soon after, revealed that one of the judges incorrectly tabulated his scorecard.

Judging from the video shown, Marquez is clearly seen training hard and gaining a few muscles up his sleeves. Sports analyst conclude that with the added weight advantage at 145 pounds, Pacquiao can add strength to his punches as the prized pound-per-pound king has fought in that weight limit many times. Marquez on the other hand has fought more on the lightweight side.

Marquez has definitely slowed down in the last couple of fights he have before and might have a hard time keeping up with Pacquiao. A slowdown in hand speed in boxing means the difference between a KO ,as punches land within a fraction of a second. Freddie Roach’s guidance has change Pacquiao, he is not the same fighter when they met Marquez last 7 years ago. Pacquiao is utilizing both of his hands and is able to land power punches in his right hand. Surprisingly, Marquez may also have some few tricks under his sleeves. Pacquiao vs Marquez is scheduled to fight on November 12, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a crowd of 16,000+ audience.

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